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Most of California’s beloved restaurants have recently been given the official go-ahead to reopen more broadly on June 15 However, the operators of a Burbank bar and grill who refused to close during the COVID-19 lockdown has been evicted.

Tinhorn Flats Saloon & Grill on Magnolia Boulevard have been in an ongoing legal battle against Burbank and Los Angeles County health officials for months. The family behind Barfly, Inc, have now been barred from the property of their saloon.

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The evictions follow the city’s filing for a restraining order against Barfly and its operators, Baret Lepejian and his two children.

Burbank city officials said they handed the keys to the business over to Isabelle Lepejian, Lepejian’s ex-wife and owner of the building. L.A. County records show the couple were officially divorced last August. 

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Baret is no stranger to being outspoken on the saloons Instagram page where he also has linked the companies GoFundMe account in order to cover all of the legal funds the restaurant has been hit with. 

The GoFundMe is stated as follows: 

“We will not comply with tyrannical rules and closures. The clowns at the Burbank City Council have illegally revoked our Conditional Use Permit and Los Angeles City has illegally revoked our health permit. We need this money to continue to fight for all our rights. The money will be used for Geragos & Geragos Law to keep our doors open.” 

The account has raised over $93,000 which has greatly exceeded the original goal of $30,000. 

“We have received fantastic support from the public as there is alot to fight for,”Lucus Lepejian, Baret’s son, told Scriberr News.

“It’s just another chapter that we will move forward from.”

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