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LOS ANGELES – City councilmember Mike Bonin (D) has been served with a recall by Westside neighborhoods on June 15, making him the second councilmember to face a recall this week following that of Nithya Ramen

Bonin is an incumbent that has served on the Los Angeles City Council, representing the  11th district since 2013. 

According to Recall Bonin 2021, the people of the 11th district have been unsatisfied with his performance since the start of his service. 

“Mike Bonin’s history of broken promises, terrible and counter-productive public policy proposals, and unwillingness to listen or take action to represent the interests of the people and communities of the westside of Los Angeles has had devastating consequences,” reads the website.

The site continues to list grievances such as “the humanitarian crisis of the homeless population [that] is growing exponentially,” a problem Bonin has made a priority on his website. 

Bonin addressed the recall via Twitter, posting a screenshot of his public statement, saying “this [the recall] is an extravagant waste of taxpayer money – and a thinly disguised attempt to derail my efforts to real provide a real solution to our homelessness crisis.” 

His plans have included purchasing non-congregant shelters for the homeless, but it isn’t supported by many constituents. Instead, many residents have voiced that they want the homeless housed, but away from their neighborhoods.  

This is not the first time Bonin has been served a recall, however, as he was faced with one in 2017 regarding road diets. Since then, Bonin claims that actions have been taken to appease his constituents, but there have still been complaints. 

Not everyone supports this recall, however, with many believing the lack of a solution for the homelessness crisis is more due to the rich not wanting shelters near them than a lack of effort on Bonin’s part. 

Scriberr News reached out to Bonin’s office and the organizers of Recall Bonin 2021 for comment, but no comment was given. 

Written ByCynthia Zelaya

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