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Los Angeles councilwoman Nithya Raman faces a recall from a campaign committee that goes by the name of CD4 for CD4.

Their page criticizes Raman calling her righteous, reckless and ruinous. After only 6 months in office, the people of her district have deemed her too radical to continue to serve as their councilwoman.

Many residing within Raman’s district believe she has not been honest and forward enough about her membership in the Los Angeles chapter of The Democratic Socialists (DSA). They worry that the DSA has more influence on her than the opinion of her constituents.

However, during the election period, Raman was fairly open about her association with the Democratic Socialist, securing the endorsement of Sen. Bernie Sanders (I-Vt.).

Raman was elected in December 2020, beating incumbent David Ryu –– making her win historical as it was the first time in 17 years that someone had ousted a sitting councilmember. However, if CD4 for CD4 collects 27,000 signatures between July and November this year, the group will be able to get her recalled onto the ballot before she finishes one full year.

Raman has not publicly responded to the recall, however, political members have begun to vouch public support. “She is one of our candidates. We’re going to support her however we can,” said Erin O’Neal Robinson, member of the DSA electoral politics committee, to the LA Times

However, the people of District 4 just want their voices to be heard. They feel as though Raman has abandoned them and has taken up her own agenda at the expense of her constituents.

Allison Cohen,lead proponent in the recall effort, said she was always willing to give Raman a chance. However, the final straw for her was regarding a gang encampment.

Cohen told Scriberr News the group has been committing serious crimes in the area, claiming that they appear to be taking advantage of resources meant for unhoused individuals., However, Cohen says her complaints have not been heard by her councilwoman.

“I think everyone was absolutely willing to give this Rahman a chance, you know, as a newly elected official… but even, you know, giving her that time, it just became one self inflicted wound after another,” she said.

Cohen also noted that she was frustrated by Raman’s destruction of the Hollywood Community Plan. Cohen feels that if Raman serves her whole term, she is going to make changes in the community that will have a lasting negative impact.

“She’s going to continue to make those changes within the community and they’ll be on the books for a decade. So, it’s just sort of now or never” she remarked.

Cohen said that the amount of people that have come to her with the same concern: they simply cannot get a hold of Raman. She has heard countless stories from frustrated Angelinos with unanswered phone calls and emails.

“Personally, I like Raman,” she says, “I just don’t think that she is right for this job. I think she has a passion for the homelessness. Maybe she should serve in some other capacity.”

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