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Amid the state reopening, California plans to implement an electronic proof of vaccinations, according to Gov. Gavin Newsom.

During his speech regarding the next steps California will take on June 15, Newsom said that this is not a requirement nor “passport,” rather another option to those who are vaccinated.

This is not the first effort to have some sort of electronic verification program. The Orange County Board of Supervisors had been working on one in May until a protest of 700 people put it on hold.

Having an electronic vaccination verification system would allow businesses to go beyond just the honor system when it comes to masks inside of their establishments.

Alexander Gurfinkel, the owner of Appliance Repair LA, told Scriberr News that he would be more than happy to welcome a system like this into his business.

Since the reopening of California and lifted masks restrictions, Gurfinkel continues to have all of his technicians wear masks and gloves. As ensuring safety for his customers and staff is very important to him, he says that he would welcome an electronic verification system as described by Gov. Newsom.

“We’ve always taken special steps to provide our customers with a stress-free appliance repair experience, and Gov. Newsom’s electronic verification will be a welcomed new tool in our repertoire,” said Gurfinkle.

More than 60% of all California adults have at least one dose of the COVID-19 vaccine. But the vaccination rate is slowing, and people are increasingly finding ways to get around the need for vaccination cards.

Fake vaccination cards have been found anywhere from Etsy to the dark web. ABC reported that back in May, a San Joaquin bar owner was arrested for allegedly making and selling fake cards for $20.

According to the Federal Trade Commission, the cards were never designed to be used long term. An alternative will eventually have to be made. 

Some fear that an electronic verification system opens the door for “vaccine passports” to be introduced.

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