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Sixteen Republican states will end their participation in unemployment assistance before the original expiration of Sept. 6. Some states ended their participation as early as June 12, and even offered incentives for people who get back to work.

Arizona Governor Doug Ducey announced his “Arizona Back To Work” plan.” Ducey no longer used the Federal Pandemic Unemployment Compensation, as of July 10, but instead offered “one-time bonuses to returning workers, along with child care support, educational opportunities and rental assistance.” 

Ducey said in his announcement video that “in Arizona, we’re going to use federal money to encourage people to work…instead of paying people not to work.”

“More people are ready to work today in Arizona than before the pandemic, but still many businesses are struggling to hire vital positions, especially those in the restaurant and hospitality sectors,” Ducey added.

The state of Arizona plans to set aside $300 million dollars to be able to offer individuals who return to the workforce full-time along with a one-time $2,000 bonus. People who find part-time work will receive a $1,000 dollar bonus. To be eligible for these bonuses you must have already filed for unemployment, make $25 per hour or less (equivalent to a yearly salary of 52,000), have completed at least 10 weeks of work, and begin working by Labor day.

The U.S. Bureau of Labor and Statistics reported on June 8 that “the number of job openings reached a series high of 9.3 million on the last business day of April.”  They also reported that the hire rate remained the same at 4.2%, however, the “quit level rate increased to a series high of 4.0 million and 2.7% respectively.”

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