Emma Jimenez

Emma Jimenez is the Mentorship Program Director for a grassroots organization known as Bienvenido. She’s also a freelance political blogger, conservative advocate, and writer for the Republican National Hispanic Assembly . She is best known on social media under the name “The Conservative Latina.” Jimenez is also a published children’s book author. Her books are used to educate children on the beauty of coming from a multiracial and blended family and on self-awareness and appreciation. Mrs. Jimenez lives in Louisiana and has worked in continuing education as a Spanish instructor. She has assisted various local churches in her city, teaching ESL and citizenship classes to immigrants. She has appeared as a guest on various social media platforms and political events to discuss issues facing the Hispanic community today. Currently, she is working on publishing her first political children’s book; to be called America the Great, it is about what it means to be an American.

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