Mike Bearden

Born and raised in Southern California. Currently resides in Southern California with his wife and three children. Loves to leave SoCal whenever possible. Hobbies include rock climbing, rock hounding and anything baseball. One of his future dreams is to take a month-long road trip around the United States and see as many of its geographical wonders as possible while sampling the variety of foods that accompany them and their surrounding area.
With over 25 years of ministry experience, Mike has carried his passion for others into the field of Special Education at the secondary public education level. Along with this, his passions remain alive through his non-profit organization called The Power of Next, its main program called Next Listener, and its marketing podcast entitled OpaZao. His Book, The Power of Next, employs his life principles of Identity Discovery and Direction in an attempt to connect with anyone who reads and embraces its content.
He considers himself a change agent desiring nothing but the best for everyone he has the privilege of getting to know. His motivating motto is, “Life’s short and the picture’s too big” not to make a difference.

Articles by Mike Bearden