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Disney Quiz: Can you truly claim to know everything about “Tous en scène”?

Disney Quiz: Can you truly claim to know everything about

Welcome to our Quiz Disney: Tous en scène. In this engaging and fun quiz, we'll test your knowledge about this captivating Disney movie. From unforgettable characters to memorable scenes, let's see if you've truly mastered everything about Tous en scène. Get ready to embark on this exciting trivia journey!

Who is the director of Sing (Tous en scène)?
Christopher Lourdelet
Tim Burton
Martin Scorsese
What animal is the character Rosita in the movie Sing?
Who voiced Buster Moon in the original Sing movie?
Matthew McConaughey
Ryan Reynolds
What's the name of the shy elephant in Sing?
What is the main location in Sing where the action takes place?
Moon's theater
The Jungle
The Zoo
Which famous song does Meena perform at the end of Sing?
Hello by Adele
Shake It Off by
Set It All Free by
Don't You Worry 'bout A Thing by

Introduction to Tous en scène

Tous en scène, known as Sing in English, is an animated masterpiece by Illumination Entertainment, the creators of and . This film is an exceptional blend of comedy, drama, and musical genres, capturing the hearts of Disney lovers all around the world.

Main Characters

  • Buster Moon: An optimistic who organizes a singing competition to save his theater.
  • Rosita: A talented pig who dreams of a singing career while juggling her duties as a mother.
  • Ash: A punk-rock porcupine who aspires to break free from her arrogant boyfriend and go solo.
  • Johnny: A gorilla from a gangster family, seeking to follow his passion for music.
  • Meena: A shy elephant with a phenomenal voice, struggling with stage fright.
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Plot Overview

The plot revolves around a singing competition set up by Buster Moon to save his theater from financial ruin. This competition brings together a diverse cast of characters from the animal kingdom, each with their own unique story and musical talents. As the competition progresses, the characters face their fears, overcome personal challenges, and discover their true potential. The film culminates in a grand finale that is as emotionally rewarding as it is musically captivating.

Music in Tous en scène

Tous en scène is a celebration of music, featuring numerous well-known songs from various genres. From pop and rock to jazz and classical, the soundtrack is a kaleidoscope of tunes that punctuate the narrative and amplify the emotional resonance of the film. The characters' performances are not just entertaining but also reveal their inner complexities and growth throughout the film.


Tous en scène is more than a musical animated film; it's a tale of determination, dreams, and the joy of self-expression through music. It encourages viewers to find their voice and chase their dreams, regardless of the obstacles they face. The film's charm lies not just in its beautiful animation and catchy musical numbers, but also in its heartwarming and relatable characters whose stories inspire and entertain in equal measure.

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